Discover the key features of the MORAND Hypercar, in its Plug-in Hybrid and Full Electric versions, and the predicted performances it will achieve on track.

The MORAND Hypercar will combine the performance of a Formula 1 and a 24 Hours of le Mans prototype with a modern and luxurious interior finish and a fully immersive digital experience. The Hypercar will be available in Plug-in Hybrid and Full Electric versions.

The design will be particularly elaborate, led by Senior Designer Soojin Hong.

Key features
Plug-in Hybrid model
Full Electric model

Total Power
> 1200 PS
V10 and 3 electric engines
(1 engine with F1 MGU-K technology)

> 2000 PS
(4 electric engines)

Top speed
> 400 km/h
> 400 km/h

6.3 – 6.5 sec

Under 1370kg (energy pack = app. 65kg)
Under 1250kg (energy pack = app. 350kg)

« Full Electric » Autonomy
70 Km
301 km (F1 GP Distance)

Charging Time (depending on the charging point)
<2 min.
<10 min.

Body Work
Natural Linen Fiber
Natural Linen Fiber

Survival Cell

Energy management

At the cutting edge of technology thanks to knowledge from F1 (MGU-K), WEC and Formula E.
Energy « regeneration » to the 4 wheels driving on the Full Electric version, as well as a record energy density for the sector (> 210Wh / kg).

The development of such technologies are an integral part of the intellectual property of MORAND Cars.

Body structure

The body structure of the Hypercar will be entirely made with a flax carbon technology. New lightweight and eco-friendly materials, developed by swiss partners, will be used for the aerodynamic parts as well as for the interior. The survival structure will be made in carbon.