Discover the 3 phases of the MORAND Hypercar project at the end of which the first vehicles will be delivered. Be involved from the R&D to the prototype and the engineering decisions.

The research and development office, as well as the production facility, the showroom and the administrative office, will be based in Vuadens, Gruyère, Switzerland.

Phase 1


– Full focus on Research & Development (design and concept)
– Set up of the prototype development function.
– Start of production planning.

Research & Development
Design and development of the concept. Set up of the prototype development function and finalization of the deals with key suppliers.

Unique Research & Development approach:
MORAND’s R&D department will be based upon the structure of successful Formula 1 teams and will produce the ultimate hypercar, which will be great on tracks as well as on public roads. One of the features that the R&D team will have is a strong aero department and a comprehensive wind tunnel development program. Wind tunnel testing is a common practice in Formula 1 and therefore gives a massive advantage to the car’s drivability. MORAND Hypercar will be one of the few elite manufacturers to undertake such a program.

Phase 2


– 80% Focus on Prototype Development
– 20% on Research & Development
– Close cooperation between Prototype Development and R&D
– Production facility set up in Vuadens, Gruyère, Switzerland.

Designs are almost finalized and 80% of the focus is now on the prototype development and completion of the following objectives:

– Prototype tooling
– Prototype assembly
– Homologation
– Durability testing
– Development track testing

In 2022, the first fully functional vehicle is ready and will be used to showcase at motor shows, race tracks and special events. MORAND Hypercar has already secured provisional contacts and quotes from leading suppliers across all necessary functions.

Phase 3


– Start of Production at the facility in Vuadens, Gruyère, Switzerland.
– Delivery of the first vehicles.

In 2023, the first hypercars are manufactured and assembled by hand. Being based in Switzerland will make MORAND Cars SA the only Swiss manufacturer of high-performance vehicles.

The strong leadership and management background of Benoît Morand and Eric Boullier, as well as their personal involvement in the production of each car, will ensure the highest standard of quality that is expected by the MORAND Hypercar clients.

The last batch of cars will be produced by 2026, at which point the new generation model will have been developed, introducing the latest innovative technologies and an unparalleled level of luxury.