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MORAND Hypercar is the meeting point between high technology, Swiss Made expertise, sustainability and the story of men and women inhabited by passion, emotion and elegance. Bringing these elements together to create a unique Hypercar is our ambition.

We want to share these values with our future partners, clients and our investors to create, together, one of the most attractive hypercar in the world. Sharing this exceptional experience with people involved at each step of the project, from the starting point, is an important factor for MORAND Hypercar.

Swiss Made expertise is the guarantee of a high-quality and high-precision product.


Excellence results from the sharing of capacities and passion. All actors, from engineers to clients, have to be brought together to create an active synergy.

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MORAND Hypercar is the fruit of a long family tradition, passed from generation to generation.

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Bringing together the performances of a Formula 1 and a 24 hours of le Mans prototype in a sustainable luxurious vehicle, discover the amazing key features of the MORAND Hypercar.

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Technology is an incredible asset in the hands of experts driven by passion. Find out more about the main actors of the MORAND brand.

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Discover the different phases of the MORAND Hypercar project, at the end of which the first vehicles will be delivered.

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