MORAND Hypercar is the meeting point between high technology, Swiss Made expertise and the story of men and women inhabited by passion, emotion and elegance. Bringing these elements together to create a unique Hypercar is our ambition.

Excellence results from the sharing of capacities and passion. All actors, from engineers to clients, have to be brought together to create an active synergy.

Elegant, powerful, sustainable and unique, the MORAND Hypercar will bring together all stakeholders: from founders, over engineers, designers, secretaries, apprentices… to clients and investors.


Each and every person involved will shape parts of the MORAND Hypercar history.

Investors and owners will become part of the MORAND PRIVILEGE CLUB and will receive VIP access to a private section on this website, in order to follow each step of the development of the MORAND Hypercar.

Every year, in various places in the world, members of the MORAND PRIVILEGE CLUB will be invited to exceptional events.